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Quality Education Assurance Accreditation (QEAA)

Quality Education Assurance Accreditation (QEAA)

Quality Education Assurance Accreditation (QEAA)

Quality Education Assurance Accreditation (QEAA) is a globally recognized certification body dedicated to ensuring and maintaining quality standards in educational establishments, ranging from pre-schools and private schools to universities and distance learning institutes. QEAA conducts certification assessments of educational institutions according to board criteria and in alignment with national and international standards and guidelines.

With extensive expertise in accreditation systems and management inherited from its parent company, Accreditation Management System Pvt Ltd (AMS), QEAA's affiliation, accreditation, and certification are preferred by institutes over regional and national accreditation agencies.

Quality Assurance Certification

Quality assurance (QA) is essential for evaluating an organization's systems and processes to meet customer expectations and uphold market representational value. QEAA, as a QA certification body, audits organizations from background checking to product and service delivery, providing quality training for improvement. Upon successful completion, organizations receive a Quality Assurance Certification.

Why Choose QEAA Accreditation?

In the education sector, accreditation has become pivotal in regulating quality. Employers, students, and parents seek accredited institutions. QEAA Accreditation enhances appeal to students, providing international certification after traditional courses.

Benefits of QEAA Accreditation

· Yearly Evaluation and Assessment
· Indicator of Quality Assured Education
· Display of Accredited Logo
· Listing on QEAA Website Database
· Global Market Presence
· Performance Improvement
· Increased Efficiency & Profitability
· Trust & Credibility Building
· Customer Satisfaction & Retention
· Training & Development Activities

QEAA's Quality Assurance Certification leads to increased student enrolment and retention, enhances internal administration, fosters trust among stakeholders, and ensures worldwide recognition and acceptance of academic programs and courses.