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Process for Attestation Services

Accreditation Management System Pvt Ltd. (AMS) simplifies the attestation process into three straightforward steps to ensure efficient and reliable document authentication for our clients.

Why Choose AMS?

1. How to Apply

" To begin the attestation process with AMS, follow these steps: Contact Us: Reach out to AMS through our website, email, or phone to initiate the attestation process. Consultation: Our team will provide a consultation to understand your specific document attestation requirements and guide you through the necessary steps. Submit Inquiry Form: Complete and submit the inquiry form with essential details such as document type, purpose of attestation, and preferred timeline."

Client-Focused Approach

"We prioritize our clients' needs, offering a streamlined and fast-tracked process for certification and renewal that aligns with recognized national and international standards."


"Once the initial inquiry is made, proceed with document submission: Gather Documents: Collect all original documents requiring attestation, including educational certificates, commercial papers, personal identification, or any other relevant paperwork. Prepare Copies: Make photocopies of the documents as per the attestation requirements. Submit Documents to AMS: Send the original and photocopies of the documents to AMS for verification and processing."

Review and Pay Fee

"After document submission, follow these steps to complete the attestation process: Document Review: Our team will review the submitted documents to ensure they meet the necessary criteria for attestation. Fee Payment: Upon document review, AMS will provide a fee quotation based on the type and quantity of documents. Make the payment as per the provided instructions. Attestation Process Initiation: Once the fee is received, AMS will initiate the attestation process with relevant government departments and embassies..."

Why Choose AMS for Attestation Services?

"Efficiency: AMS ensures a streamlined and efficient attestation process, minimizing delays and complications. Expert Guidance: Our experienced team offers expert guidance and support throughout the attestation journey. Global Recognition: We facilitate document authentication for international use, enhancing global recognition and acceptance. Compliance and Accuracy: AMS adheres to legal and regulatory standards, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of attested documents. By following these steps and entrusting AMS with your document attestation needs, you can navigate international transactions, employment opportunities, or academic pursuits confidently. Contact us today to initiate your document attestation process with AMS...."


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