Corporate Profile

Established under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs under Act of 1956, Accreditation Management System Pvt Ltd. (AMS) is a certification body that audits and accelerate third-party accreditation, registration, attestation and certification under national as well as international standards for business of all sizes in almost all sectors.

At AMP we not only aid organizations to display their commitment and competence by providing them with valuable evaluations and certifications against rigorous nationally as well as internationally recognized standards, but also ensure them with all-inclusive services that instigate trust, continual improvement and commitment towards our line of work.

Whether you need certification for the very first time or want to renew them, our simplified fast- tracking client focussed approach enables us to meet your requirements and deliver our services in accordance with recognized national as well as international standards by following best practices.

Our Services Include-

  •   Quality Assurance Certification

  •   ISO Certification Services

  •   International Accreditation Services

  •   Awards & Excellence Certification

  •   Halal Certification

  •   GMP Certification

  •   License and Registration Services

  •   Govt Department & Embassy Attestation

Our Accreditation body for Certifications comprises of -

  •   QATC (Quality Assurance and Training Connection)

  •   IAOP (The Association with Collaboration at its Core)

  •   A2LA (The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation)

  •   CQI |IRCA (Chartered Quality Institute)

  •   INQAAHE (International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education)

  •   ISQEM (International Safety Quality Environment Management Association)

  •   Society of Quality Assurance

The AMS Features and Advantages (This covers Policy and Objectives) -

Procurement of any national certification, registration, attestation or International accreditation can be a highly daunting mission for businesses of any size. That said, we at AMS, taking your time and tenacity in consideration ensure the following –

  •   Fast Process – Depending on the type of registration, certification and attestation standard time frame ranges from 3 days to 15 days

  •   Cost-Effective Service – AMS as an accreditation provider helps business companies in obtaining and implementing standard policies, certification and registration at a minimal rate.

  •   Expert Resources – With expert auditors and consultants on hand, AMS ensures all the required support and assistance to help you implement and comply with all the necessary steps required to attain the certification and/or accreditation.

  •   Efficient Supply – Our service requires very minimum input or effort on your part, and the entire certification audit process is carried out without any hassle.


Is to be recognized as a leading global certification body accelerating accreditation services to businesses of all sizes worldwide in quality management systems as well as other latent areas that add value to the overall development of our society.

Our Vision:

Is to become a world-class entity in the domain of accreditation and regulation/compliance certifications, providing value to our stakeholders, customers and the business industry as a whole.

Our Strength:

We at AMS are fast and flexible and we certainly believe that quality of our services is top-class in terms of customer gratification. We understand that each client is different and so are the needs which is why we understand, scrutinize, evaluate and analyse each of our client’s requirements and offer suitable provision to fully satisfy those needs. Yes, we are that supple!