ISO 29990:2010

The International Standard is a service standard for learning services and at the same times a quality management system for learning service providers in education and training. The aim of ISO 29990 is to establish a common quality model for professional practice and service provision, and a common reference for learning service providers and their clients to plan, develop and deliver education and training and to promote development. The standard focuses on the learner, the learning outcomes, the learning service and the competence of the learning service provider. Organizations and individuals should be supported by the International Standard in choosing a suitable learning service provider that meets the needs and expectations of developing competencies and skills.

Requirements of Standard

  •   Scope

  •   Terms & Definitions

  •   Learning Services

  •   Determining Learning Needs

  •   Provision of Learning Services

  •   Management of the Learning Service Provider

  •   General Management Requirements

  •   Strategy & Business Management

  •   Management Review

  •   Preventive Actions & Corrective Actions

  •   Financial Management & Risk Management

  •   Human Resource Management

  •   Communication Management (External/Internal)

  •   Allocation of Resources

  •   Internal Audits

  •   Feedback from Interested Parties

BENEFITS of ISO 29990:2010

  •   Outstanding performance during tendering work from official bodies. Globally marketability.

  •   Enhancement in internal quality potential.

  •   Transparently defined & documented processes.

  •   Enthusiastic and active trained experts participation in the development. Work on (PDCA) Cycle.

  •   Adequate resources, including trainers with suitable competence, infrastructure and learning environment.

  •   Evaluating criteria for Education.

  •   Advanced & Authentic processes.

  •   Transparency/comparability of services.

  •   Assuring quality, transparency and comparability in educational institutions.